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Finally on the water

About year after we visited Smithville Lake to look at sailboats for Father’s Day, we finally have one of our own. On Thursday, we launched our 1981 Tanzer 26 on Lake Jacomo, spent the night on it, and moored it Friday.

I’d say our first time out on the water in some 15 years a success, even though we didn’t actually sail. Fuel line problems kept us in Sailboat Cove but our stay was pleasant and the people who helped us launch and provide advice as we moored for the first time ever  were a big help. The Jacomo Yacht Club family is the greatest. We look forward to potlucks, sailing, and making more new friends.



Father’s Day at Smithville Lake

Once you’re children are old enough to drive, Father’s Day changes forever. With a daughter working at the pool and another at Missouri Scholars Academy in Columbia, my wife and I had our pick at what we wanted to do this holiday. Let’s just say that the empty nest is fast approaching and my dream of owning a sailboat again is growing stronger. That’s why we took a road trip to Smithville Lake just north of Kansas City, Mo.

There’s fishing, there’s camping, there’s hiking, there’s swimming beaches but — best of all — there’s sailing. I’m still several months away from sailing my own boat again but I got to keep the dream alive, at least a little bit on this hot, windy Father’s Day.