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Father’s Day at Smithville Lake

Once you’re children are old enough to drive, Father’s Day changes forever. With a daughter working at the pool and another at Missouri Scholars Academy in Columbia, my wife and I had our pick at what we wanted to do this holiday. Let’s just say that the empty nest is fast approaching and my dream of owning a sailboat again is growing stronger. That’s why we took a road trip to Smithville Lake just north of Kansas City, Mo.

There’s fishing, there’s camping, there’s hiking, there’s swimming beaches but — best of all — there’s sailing. I’m still several months away from sailing my own boat again but I got to keep the dream alive, at least a little bit on this hot, windy Father’s Day.


A Dozen Favorite Outdoor Writers

In no particular order

Edward Abbey

Peter Matthiessen

Annie Dillard

John Krakauer

Isak Dinesen

Ernest Hemingway

Jim Harrison

Rick Bass

Tristan Jones

Pam Houston

Mark Twain

Henry David Thoreau

And this is just the beginning …