From My Front Porch

I began watching a couple of cardinals from my front porch soon after they laid three mottled brown eggs in a nest in a spirea bush on the east side of my porch. I didn’t realize the nest was there at first but heard Mom and Dad’s chirping each time I was near the nest. Here, the couple bring food to one of their young who has left the nest too soon and is alone on the ground. For the past few days I’ve been helping the cardinals by making sure the neighborhood cats stay out of the yard. Tomorrow I must be out of town so I wish the family well.

The squirrels are my regular distractions and the robin is making a nest beneath the eves on the east side of the porch. I’ve got a couple of doves with a nest in a crabapple tree nearby but they’re pretty shy. There are also a couple of cottontails around the house that excite my dog (I will try to get photos of the rabbits, too). The dog, Daisy, smells the rabbits but doesn’t always see them immediately. This morning, for example, I saw cottontail when we went outside but led Daisy away from it but that didn’t stop her from giving a thorough search of the spirea bushes where the rabbits like to hang. The robin is making a nest on the west side of my front porch, beneath the eaves. A couple of doves also have a nest in a crabapple in my yard but they have been too shy for photos.


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