St. Patrick’s Day

You don’t always find what you go searching for but quite often if you maintain an open mind you come across something unexpected, something better. I had hoped to find a few deer sheds, maybe some arrowheads or signs of early morels.

Of course I knew it was too early for morels but I did find several signs of spring on my five-mile hike at Elam Bend.

The dog and I found no sheds but did see an early buzzard, a few ducks, and forsythia and daffodils coming up at an old abandoned home.

We also discovered other signs of man, some unexpected and some that were undesirable — an old piece of machinery slowly being claimed by entropy, a Missouri Conservation Department tractor as wildlife plots are planned, an unexpected jet refueling, a green field appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day, and cans and bottles discarded by cretins. And we also found the license plate from an MDC vehicle but because it was state property we left it as we found it. If the driver or the department is still looking for it, you can find it near the pond southwest of the tractor.


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